Garry's Mod
A sandbox game for the PC, Mac and Linux

Garry's Mod is a Sandbox Game based around the idea of building. Unlike most other games there aren't any objectives - you can't lose and you definitely can't win.

October 2016 Update #2

👤 🕔 October 28, 2016 56

A new update has been released!

This update is optional. However, I’d recommend that you update any servers you are running.
Clients will automatically update via Steam when the game is restarted.

  • NEW Added “Fetching Subscriptions” progress window to the main menu
  • NEW Added boolean parameter to render.RedownloadAllLightmaps to apply lighting changes to static props
  • UPD Holding attack whilst opening the weapon selection dialog no longer instantly changes weapon
  • UPD Adjusted HL2 weapons’ idle times to match sv_defaultdeployspeed ConVar
  • UPD Deploy animation of the fists SWEP now obeys the sv_defaultdeployspeed ConVar
  • UPD Automatically named procedural texture names (__vgui_texture_XXX) are now recycled to help avoid “CUtlRBTree overflow!” engine error
  • UPD Removed the unnecessary check for whether the user owns Source SDK Base 2006
  • FIX Player shadows no longer get clipped within the players’ render bounds
  • FIX Inactive weapons’ shadows are no longer drawn in 3rd-person mode
  • FIX AvatarImage panels’ fallback image no longer (sometimes) renders at the incorrect size
  • FIX Numeric values inside DComboBox are now sorted properly
  • FIX Using the light tool on the world will no longer cause errors
  • FIX Fixed an issue preventing addons adding custom spawnlists with spawnmenu.AddPropCategory, even though they really shouldn’t be allowed
  • FIX Fixed mounting of gamemodes/*/content for gamemodes inside GMAs
  • FIX Fixed PreCleanupMap hook not being called on client
  • FIX Fixed a crash related to rendering many ropes in a single frame
  • FIX Fixed massive FPS loss when Entity.Set(Sub)Material is used with unloaded materials
  • FIX Fixed compression artifacts that were on the gui/corner… materials
  • DEL render.RedownloadAllLightmaps defaults to old behavior (The original change was slow and caused issues on large maps)
  • DEL Undone EffectData() changes from the latest update (until we find a way not to break ShellEject effects)
  1. Frost
    October 28, 2016 at 1:40 pm

    Good update

  2. Chocolate
    October 28, 2016 at 1:45 pm

    What about not looping noclip animation

  3. Zaku
    October 28, 2016 at 2:07 pm

    it’s ok

  4. MrKuBu
    October 28, 2016 at 2:08 pm

    MrKuBu Its cool 😀 (update 6|10)

  5. SuckDickEveryday
    October 28, 2016 at 2:08 pm

    Please add usable weapons from CSS and TF2

      October 29, 2016 at 7:44 pm

      You add them. It’s open source

  6. Musty
    October 28, 2016 at 2:49 pm

    tihs gaem wass beter befor! sotp fukin it up !

    • SoSalty
      October 28, 2016 at 3:14 pm

      They’re fixing things you ungrateful fuck, until you become a developer like them and fix your own game I suggest you shut the fuck up and learn how to spell

    • SuicidalRabbits
      October 28, 2016 at 4:51 pm

      he was joking i think

  7. ok
    October 28, 2016 at 3:25 pm


    October 28, 2016 at 3:44 pm

    It Suck.

  9. Cole
    October 28, 2016 at 4:54 pm

    it fixed everything but caused missing textures on vehicles IDK if its temporary.

  10. SuicidalRabbits
    October 28, 2016 at 5:19 pm

    this update sorta broke my game a bit. the lighting is very strange when im walking along it keeps going dark and light again. and my game is stuttering.

    • Cwuddles
      October 28, 2016 at 9:19 pm

      Do you have TeamSpeak and Overwolf installed by any chance, if so that may be the case, uninstall Overwolf and see if it fixes it, I’ve had a similar problem

  11. Le Miskine
    October 28, 2016 at 5:28 pm

    Good Job ! 😀

  12. Sunny Side Up
    October 28, 2016 at 8:07 pm

    decent job m8 :3

  13. spais
    October 28, 2016 at 8:34 pm


  14. DerpGaminStudioz
    October 29, 2016 at 12:42 am

    There is one glitch I have to deal with where the pupils are really small or big I mean so big all u can see is black and when they are small its like when u inflate a NPC to its highest inflate idk .-.

  15. dark
    October 29, 2016 at 12:45 am

    the update froze my gmod i cant load my addons anymore its gets stuck on fetching subscription i uninstall all addons even reinstalled gmod same problem i only got 10addons and they always usually workk…

  16. turner148
    October 29, 2016 at 10:23 am

    People have been reporting of a .bat file after this update. A FactoryReset.bat file to be specific. Have any idea what this unusual looking file could be?

    • JonasLue
      November 11, 2016 at 6:03 am

      Yes, i’ve looked into it and it first of all checks if the hl2.exe exists (To prevent running it in a wrong folder), kills any running instances of Gmod (hl2.exe to be specific) and then deletes all user and settings related folders and files in the folder it is in and where the hl2.exe is lying (Basically, in the GMod root folder) and then runs “hl2.exe – factoryresetstuff” which, like it is written there, launches GMod and tells it to download all deleted and now missing files. Nothing dangerous, just what it says, it resets Garrys Mod to the factory state.

  17. gamenig2016
    October 29, 2016 at 3:06 pm

    i want to not download but how??

  18. 一生一世套图
    November 1, 2016 at 6:07 am


  19. Jared Whiting
    November 2, 2016 at 1:55 am

    ya goofed up the textures. Balloons, broken glass, etc. have pink textures or checkerboards no matter what

  20. 华夏九州套图
    November 3, 2016 at 2:28 am


  21. JCS
    November 4, 2016 at 11:19 pm


    Como saco esa mierda de fetching subscriptions de la pantalla?

    As a sack that shit subscriptions fetching the screen?

  22. thimplostrife
    November 6, 2016 at 5:31 pm

    I can’t even run my game or the update even, why did this happen and how do I fix it?

    • Luke
      December 25, 2016 at 3:43 pm

      That is a good question Ben

  23. Ezekiel Proctor
    November 6, 2016 at 7:31 pm

    Bugs bugs bugs, instead fixing it, why not use BUG SPRAY

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    November 7, 2016 at 1:30 am


  25. JoucapuzOfficial
    November 7, 2016 at 9:26 pm

    Hey Caras, estou com um problema com o som dos passos dos meus NPC and Players os barulhos dos passos estão com problema e o efeito da fumaça das armas está quadriculada. será que alguém pode me ajudar?

  26. JoucapuzOfficial
    November 7, 2016 at 9:27 pm

    Hey Guys, I have a problem with the sound of the footsteps of my NPC and Players noises of steps are in trouble and the effect of the smoke of the guns is checkered. can anyone help me?

  27. SCP-173
    November 10, 2016 at 3:44 pm

    Can I NOT install the upgrade?If yes,how?

  28. Avery Hinson
    November 10, 2016 at 10:00 pm

    Can someone help me everytime I try to start is it says engine error

  29. Simon Garneau
    November 11, 2016 at 1:53 am

    Please Fix crash on mac, everyday i’m on my server and bamm my game crash and there is no error message :/

  30. jordan
    November 11, 2016 at 12:51 pm

    how do you update it

  31. 增达网
    November 17, 2016 at 6:07 am


  32. LEGODesigner26
    November 19, 2016 at 8:46 am

    I don’t know if anyone else is having this issue, but when using a local or peer-to-peer server, a small white box appeares in the top left hand corner, and the whole spawnlist has dissapeared. The only things that you can still do are spawn entities and NPC’s or use weapons. Could you take a look at this bug? As I mostly play on a local server with my friend, and this ruins it.

  33. wat are does
    November 19, 2016 at 11:48 pm


  34. tarntx
    November 20, 2016 at 10:48 pm


  35. Kaio
    November 20, 2016 at 11:38 pm

    Me and my freind can not connect it stays 6 retries and stops at 2 bars help please…….

  36. Fuzzy Melox
    November 21, 2016 at 12:15 pm

    Good stuff

  37. tarntx
    November 21, 2016 at 11:43 pm

    help me It not working

  38. iwouldliketoremain anonymous
    November 29, 2016 at 2:42 am

    on the main screen, the “fetcing subscriptions” window is obstructing some of the screen and i cant move it. it stays on the screen, even during gameplay. i dont have any steam addons but it stays there anyway. please fix.

  39. IHazABellyButton
    November 30, 2016 at 6:35 am

    I have a belly button!

  40. 增达网
    December 1, 2016 at 1:09 am


  41. FuckingValve
    December 1, 2016 at 7:41 pm

    Added “Fetching Subscriptions” progress window to the main menu. Not working for me. Reopen gmod, Restart computer NOTHING! FUCK YOU VALVE

  42. Robot Yoda
    December 2, 2016 at 3:26 am

    The Fetching subscription made it so that my game no longer works and can’t use my addons and cant join multiplayer games “addons works offline”

  43. Rex Plays
    December 2, 2016 at 10:18 am

    how to fix Fetching Subscriptions ??? I can’t use my addon pls ! help me

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  47. SuicidalRabbits
    January 25, 2017 at 8:41 pm

    well my gmod is still broke i get 20-30 fps now in multi player and it is stuttering i used to get around 60-80. thanks for the update guys :(

    btw i have an xeon x5550 cpu and an asus eah6850 (overclocked)
    i also have 8Gb of RAM.


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